Saturday, January 14, 2017

Moda Brush REVIEW

I have been wanting these kind of brushes for the longest time but I thought to myself makeup was more important since I do already have brushes and BB.

I was shopping at my local Wal-Mart for around $16 so these went in the cart! I was so excited for these!

These include 4 brushes and the bristles are so soft! These actually work so good! Especially the bigger one for foundation, I don't like using a BB for foundation since I do desire a good coverage and a BB does tend to take away from that. So I was using the Tarte airbrush foundation brush which worked so good until the hairs started to come off.

I really love these however the neck of the brush is so thin that I'm afraid these will snap off if you get carried away. I haven't had that problem if you have a good firm.

The smaller brush as you can see has more of thickness to it so I doubt it's going to snap off, and that brush is so perfect for a nose contour, omg, I'm so happy with this set, and the colors are so beautiful and different.

The bottom picture I have my Forever21 brushes (that work alright, nothing special) and my Moda set and they look so cute together!

So I obviously use the large one for foundation, liquid foundation, stick foundation is not recommended because the brush somewhat tugs and I ain't gon risk having it snapped. So liquid foundation is a yes, stick foundation is a no.

The second one i use for concealing like my under eyes. Works really good!

The third one is for my cheek, jawline and forehead contour. I love a nice sharp cheek contour and this goes the job!

Little one if my nose contour, I do have a wide nose so this perfect for it! I have use both powder and the ABH cream contour kit and both work really good!

Yes, I overall recommend this set. It works really good, the brush handle for the largest brush is a lil tricky but you can do it, and they are super soft!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette REVIEW GIVEAWAY

As we may know at this point I love warm shades and that very well includes peach shades! Hello! I was so excited that Too Faced decided to bring back the Sweet Peach palette and I hate how they decided to do it as a LE palette, like why do this to me?!

So as soon as the release was out I was working and i get off at 1:00 a.m. central time so i seen a post on +lipstickjunkieforever IG and I told my coworkers i had to leave 10 minutes early that it was urgent little did they know i went out to my car and made the purchase! I was so hooey I was going to finally have it, and i also forgot to buy my Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. What excitement can do to a woman!

I have to say out of all the Too Faced palettes they have released as in the chocolate palettes this has been the best one because their shadows seem a lot more creamy even the matte ones. I was really pleased. I love the Chocolate palette but half the shades are chalky, so I'm glad they upped their game.

I see that thye decided to add more to the collection which I did not care for whatsoever. I seen their blush palette and I seen reviews that it doesnt show up even on fair skin and I didn't like it, also their Papa Don't Peach compact already made an appearance couple years ago on their holiday collection and it had a lot of shimmer and I wasn't too thrilled to see it make a reappearance.

And then a month later Too Faced had a 40% off sale including their Sweet Peach line so I bought some goodies!
I have been wanting the Soul Mates compact and to try out their Melted Matte liquid lipstick!

So i decided to do a giveaway on the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette!

Rules are super simple! Follow my social media with the same username Bellynim including snapchat! and on my IG with the latest post after you have followed the rules leave a peach emoji! That is it! It is open international! 

I'm sorry that these are filtered pictures for snapchat and IG but I promise this palette is gorgeous! I did however find a beauty blogger that has great photos of the palette!

Friday, January 6, 2017

ABH Makeup by Mario Master Palette

ABH shadows are one of the best shadows out there. Mario Dedidivanovic is famously known for being Kim K makeup artist. She always looks nice we must admit.

So i was stocked when i seen he was collabing wiht ABH to come out with a palette. OMG i was blown away because of the warm shades and we must know I'm a sucker for warm shades.

This was sadly limited edition, but so worth it to me! I love every single shades except Kim. It swatches kinda sheer and I don't like it. 

There are a lot of people out there who think this was a waste of palette because nobody was blown away with the shades but i was. All the perfect shades in one palette, what more can i ask for other than to not include that tacky brush that works no good, its very flimsy. 

My favorite shades form this palette is Marina, Isabel, Violeta and 5TH AVE.

I promise i have so many reviews coming up! Some from drugstore and high end! You will see so much more! 

Lorac Mega Pro Palette 3

I'm so sorry I've been MIA I've been attending classes, went on vacation and work weird hours but now I'm back!!!

The limited edition rose-gold palette is stunning and sadly Limited Edition and their Mega Pro palettes are. I bough this as a tradition for myself because i do own the other two.

This palette hold up to the regular Lorac shadow quality which is nice, but it has a lot of fall out, and as usual the darker shades seem a bit on the chalky side but their metallics are gorgeous. This seems like it has a lot of lighter shades which is okay.

This palette in my own opinion isnt soemthing you absolutely needed. It didnt sold out right away like their first Mega Pro palette did.

I could have done without the Pomegranate shade below one the lower right. But overall this palette is beautiful.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ole Henrickson Infulenster REVIEW #OleGlow

I was super excited to try this!!! I love skin care, as we know it is super important to take care of our skin, so when I got the email I was very excited especially since I have heard of this brand but was willing to dish out cash in fears of me not liking it. 

L'OREAL Pro Glow Foundation REVIEW

Hey! Its been a while since ive blogged about something. SO sorry about that! Will try and do it more frequently, I promise.

Before we get into this foundation, I have to say I have reviewed and tested this for over a month to get a feel for this foundation.

I had also selected several shades, I had a horrible time picking a shade not because of the limited selection but it was because I somehow chose a lighter shade on Ulta's website.

But nonetheless I chose the correct shade. I felt that shade 204 is just about right.

I have to say this is very dewy and very beautiful. I find that it is a good medium coverage and I feel it can be buidlable to full coverage.

I find this wears a good 8 hours while I'm at work, I do find it to get a little oily towards the end of the 8 hours but nothing some powder can't fix. It was super easy to use and work with, either a Beauty Blender or a foundation brush works just as good, of course a BB will apply a bit more sheer. This has got to be the best drugstore foundation I have ever used, wait I mean foundation period.

I have normal skin and I find that this makes me look glowy and beautiful. You can apply an all over powder and I find that it doesn't take away the glow. I LOVE this foundation you guys. The color selection wasn't the best it was okay but if you happen to find your shade I do think you need to try this. Also real quick, this doesn't feel dry and cakey as it shouldn't nor do I feel that it slides off or moves around.

I HIGHLY recommend this foundation. Just as good as my Too Faced Born This Way foundation, I actually stopped using it because I love this a tad more, or maybe a lot more.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation REVIEW

I was very skeptical doing this review because I hate doing reviews on products that didn't work for me but I have to report my duty in letting you know how I feel about this. 

First and foremost the shade selection was the worst. I normally get like the 3rd shade in other foundation lines because I ain't that fair. I'm a light medium. So I naturally went with 02 Natural. It looked orange to me and on me. 

I appreciate the pump. Also This is meant for oily skinned gals. I'm normal skin and this clung to things I didn't know I had. It looked super cakey on my face. I tried many methods of applying this and used different primers and none seemed to satisfy me,

This is a good medium coverage and possible a full coverage foundation. I should have mixed some Argan oil with this, but I shouldn't have to do that. This was a fail for me. I didn't take a photo of my own bottle because I was disappointed in it,

But below are my swatches. Look how orange it is. I think nothing compares to my Too Faced Born This Way foundation and there are some people they claim that these are dupes for each other no they are not the Milani one is very thick whereas a Too Faced is a little bit more liquidy.

Not my photo.
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